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Services for Jury Consultants, Insurance (SIU), Attorneys and Investigators

What We Do

Social Slooth Inc. specializes in cyber investigations for the legal services and risk management sector, but also offers a wide range of additional services to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Our company assists law firms in various stages of the legal process, including new case development, ongoing case management, and jury selection.


  • 7,000+ Reports (2022)
  • $1 billion+ in settlements/verdicts (2023)
  • Countless high-profile defense cases
  • Numerous high-value trials
  • Many high-profile clients
  • The go-to solution for top law firms, Fortune-500 companies and jury consulting firms

Law Firms, corporations, licensed investigators and jury consulting firms can greatly benefit by outsourcing their cyber investigations to Social Slooth Inc.

The company's expertise in providing unbranded services and reports is particularly valuable for these types of firms, as they can present the information and findings as their own, thereby increasing value to clients.

Additionally, companies can increase their lines of service and revenue without incurring costly employees, onboarding, and annual training.

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"Client obsessed" is tossed around often in the business world but often quickly forgotten after the contract is signed.

Every aspect of our service is client obsessed and our team strives to remain fluid in our operations.

We actively listen to our customers and modify our service continuously to best fit the needs of each unique client we help.


Client Obsessed

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Open-Source Intelligence

Our company was founded by former Homicide Detective and company CEO Colin Piazza. Colin is a licensed private detective.

Our team is comprised of open-source intelligence (OSINT) experts, attorneys, government intel operators, licensed investigators and in-house trained research analysts.

OSINT is not one of many services we offer, it is the only service we offer and our team is experienced and talented!

Benefits for Law Firms and Attorneys

Cyber investigations can assist law firms in various stages of the legal process, including new case development, ongoing case management, and jury selection.

In the early stages of a case, social media investigations can be used to identify and locate potential witnesses, gather evidence, and establish a timeline of events. This information can be used to build a strong case and support a client's position.

During ongoing cases, social media investigations can be used to monitor the activity of opposing parties and identify any new evidence that may be relevant to the case. This can include posts, photos, and videos which may support or refute a party's claims.

Finally, during jury selection, social media investigations can be used to identify and vet potential jurors. This can include checking for any biases or conflicts of interest, as well as researching their social media activity to understand their views on relevant issues.

What's Included?

  • A Legal Report with a Narrative of Findings

  • Location of Existing Social Media Profiles

  • Accurate & Verified Links

  • General OSINT (Websites, Articles etc.)

  • Screenshots of Findings

  • Researching of Relatives & Associates

  • Metadata/Digital Preservation (optional)

  • Ongoing Monitoring (optional)

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Social Slooth Inc.

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Legal Report Pricing


Minimal Findings

No findings? No problem. We will only charge our preliminary research fee. You will receive our basic report.

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Standard Report

Great for case relevant findings showcased in streamlined intel reports.



  • Custom requests
  • In-depth documentation
  • Digital preservation (metadata)
  • Notarized affidavit

Turnaround Times & Rush Rates


5-7 Days

Our standard reports are completed in 5-7 business days.


3 Day

We offer an optional rush rate with a three (3) day turnaround time for all standard reports.


24 Hours

Once received by our team, we will complete your report by the following business day (EOB).

* Rush fees are optional and separate from the report cost itself. Turnaround time excludes weekends and holidays.

Ongoing Monitoring

Per Month

Cancel Anytime


Monthly Report

Let us keep an eye on your subject and you will receive an updated report each month.



Discounted Annual Rate

Benefits for Jury Selection

Social media research can be an excellent tool during the jury selection process as it can provide valuable insights into the backgrounds, biases, and possible prejudices of potential jurors. By conducting thorough research on social media platforms, attorneys and legal teams can identify any potential red flags or areas of concern in a juror's background, which can help you make informed decisions about which jurors to strike or keep on the panel.

Additionally, social media research can assist in identifying any potential connections or relationships between potential jurors and parties involved in the case, which can be used to further guide the jury selection process. Overall, social media research can provide a valuable added layer of information and context to the jury selection process, helping to ensure a favorable jury. Social media research can also help post-verdict by finding jury misconduct and other evidence to assist with the appeal process.

Voir Dire Juror Reports

  • Our juror social media reports will help you win a trial and give you a competitive advantage.
  • We will present you with a juror profile to help you decide whether to impanel or strike.
  • Our team provides lightning fast research and same day reports.
  • We offer scaled solutions for small jury pools (30-50) or large volume (500+ reports).
  • We customize report layouts to fit our client's needs, such as cloud based, PDF reports, email reporting or shared excel documents.
  • Our company has strategic partnerships with jury consulting firms and offers direct trial support for law firms.


Per Juror Report

Reports can be customized to meet client needs to include cloud based output, PDF, shared excel sheet etc.

Post Verdict Juror Reports

Juror Misconduct

Monthly Report

Let us keep an eye on the impaneled jurors and you will receive an updated report each month.


Your Case

$375/Month - Cancel Anytime

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